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Housewarming Gift for “The Tim” of Seattle Bubble


I am honored that “The Tim”, author of the Seattle Bubble, selected me to help him with his mortgage when he and Jeni decided to buy their first home. And…I’m tickled pink he likes his painting!

Vintage Wine Woman on Black Velvet

Wine Woman on Black Velvet

JP Patches


Welcome to my art blog

I’m so excited that I recently picked up a paint brush again. It’s been close to 25 years since my last painting or drawing. The combination of buying acrylics for my niece’s Christmas present and stained glass for my son brought my “art bug” back.

During the day, I’m crunching numbers as a mortgage originator in greater Seattle.  I look forward to evenings and weekends when I can dig into a painting.

My thoughts with this blog is to share “my journey” of re-discovering painting.