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Bathroom Mural

I’m not sure if I’m done with this yet or not…

UPDATE: It’s not done… I’ll have a new photo posted soon!


Alert Bay



Heron on Davit


Rooster of the Sea

Rooster of the Sea


Pets Playing Poker



Draft Rooster


This was a painting I did to get “warmed up” for the rooster that I painted on the hood of our stove.


Flying Rocko


Lost Black Pug on Black Velvet



Black Velvet Janet Yellen



Tazi at Paradise Cove



Young Stud and the Sea


My first official attempt with oil painting (in process)

I’m learning that I prefer acrylic over oil painting. Oils take too long to dry! This has become a “back burner” painting… I’ll keep you posted!


Scupper and Alki Lighthouse

Scupper and Alki Lighthouse


In-Laws as Out-Laws

InLaws as OutLaws

Santa… was my Dad!


Yep… I based my black velvet painting of Santa on a photo of my Dad which was taken at my wedding dinner reception.  “Based” is probably the key word… but it was really nice to have Dad literally hanging around at Christmas this year since he left us (RIP) two years ago in December.  Dad loved Christmas and enjoyed “playing” Santa when he could.

Just for fun, I submitted this painting to Daniel Smith’s 11th Annual Art Contest and it actually made it through the weekly entries… now it’s in the monthly competition for January.  I’m hoping folks are so tired of Christmas that they over-look this painting and consider voting for it. 🙂

If YOU would like to vote for this painting during the January competition (no pressure!) you can do so by clicking here and search “rhonda” – my painting should come up!

UPDATE: This painting was one of the winners in the January competition and has moved to the annual competition. Once voting starts, I’ll be sure to let you know!

My Mermaid Mural [Slideshow]

Here’s a slideshow of the mermaid (or mermacorn?) that I painted on our garage. Enjoy!

Painting my Black Velvet Lady

I began by starting on a much smaller black canvas so I could see what it’s like to paint on black.  It’s a lot like doing watercolors except instead of planning your whites, you’re planning your blacks.

You can also see in the photos below how my husband created my black velvet canvas for the wine lady who is the size of a door.

The Wine Lady (I’m not sure what to call her) is a recreation of a Cognac painting by Mucha. I’ve done my only little twists, including painting her on black velvet, as this painting is for our home.

Enjoy!  PS: I don’t know why some of the photos are sideways… sorry about that!


Scupper at Washington Arboretum Park

Scupper at Washington Arboretum Park

Black Velvet Santa

Black Velvet Santa

Mermaid Garage Mural

Elvis and his Peanut Butter Banana Bacon Sandwich at Bumbershoot’s Elvistravaganza Exhibit

Slideshow of my painting of JP Patches

Bagara aka Mr Black Velvet

My latest painting is of our ol’ black cat, Bagara, who is often referred to as “Mister Black Velvet”…only seems appropriate that I paint him.


The painting, much like Bagara, looks varies quite a bit depending on lighting. I based this painting off this photo of Bagara.


2012-05-20 13.34.51

Rob’s Rooster

My husband asked if I would paint a rooster on the hood over our stove.  I’ve never painted a rooster before or on gecco board since I’ve primarly just been painting on black velvet (lucky me!).   Here’s my “draft” painting.  Now that I’ve gone back to this draft to finish him, I’ve learned that I should start with a background and then paint my subject.  It’s challenging to paint around this fella’s feathers.


Here is the rooster above our stove which, pre-rooster, was plain ol’ white.



And here is the final Rooster. He looks different depending on the lighting. Morning light streams into our kitchen which is when Rob’s Rooster seems to look his best.


Now I’m pondering if I sign him or not… do you sign your art if it’s painted above your kitchen stove”,/p>